I am a health and wellness entrepreneur, people lover, visionary and re-inventing myself … again.
This was not always like this…

My name is Peter and I am from Frankfurt/ Germany living in Marbella/Spain since 1996. I studied agriculture, because I did not know what else to do, worked employed for some years in Marketing & Sales and then moved to Spain to live my dream having my own business.
Scuba diving was my hobby at the time and I made my hobby to my profession in Spain having my own scuba diving center for more than 20 years… living my dream!

I worked 60-80 hours a week, on 7 days and for 10 months per year – then I had 2 months off, and everything started all over again. That´s the fun of having a seasonal business in a holiday location.

When I imagined how my life will look in 10 years’ time, I got afraid. I can´t continue this crazy game until I am 95 years old and then die.

I was afraid to stand on the sidelines all my life and watch the others play. Afraid of regretting not having dared to realize my dreams. I knew I had to change something.

But how? Then I discovered a completely new area for me with huge opportunities. Part-time! I learned to reinvent myself with precise step by step guidelines. I learned how to support each other and build a business even with no prior experience, a plan B, a second leg to stand on.

My question to you:
When is your turn?