About Peter Deth

About Peter Deth

Nice to meet you, I am Peter Deth.

Enough is enough! Something has to change right now!
That’s what I thought back at the beginning of 2016. If something didn’t change within a few months I will give up and quit.

From the outside my life looked pretty good and exiting. More than 20 years ago I made a big change in my life and choose my hobby to be my job, moved country and made Southern Spain my now home, learned new languages and a lot of other skills. Had my own business for all these years, had a great wife, a nice house, a nice car, travelled a lot in my time off but on the other hand … worked 12 – 14 hours every single day, 7 days a week for 9 – 10 months every year and that non-stop with rarely a day off.

Peter Deth is working too much on his dive boat

After many years, even the nicest job can become a bit boring and you might be close to a burn-out. When you realize that you don’t have time for anything, no social life, no real hobbies outside your work and often also not enough money to really enjoy life if you finally have time; something doesn’t look right.

At that stage of life I was looking for alternatives and new challenges and … found Network Marketing or better it found me.

A friend of mine called me up and invited me to a restaurant for a business presentation …

When I got there I was exposed to the Network Marketing Environment for the very first time. The different

products were presented on a table, there was a Flip Chart and people were very nicely dressed. After seeing a short video and a really confusing presentation, the different levels in the company were explained and what the average income was. When the presenter said that they were earning a 6-Figure-Income and it took them 2 Years to get there, I took a pen and filled out the application form fast.

I thought if these crazy people making this kind of money and I am slaving at my JOB more than 12 hours a day and I have been working for many years doing the same thing making only a fraction of that … I am in!

As most people who are bitten by the Network Marketing bug, I thought that I am going to be a millionaire fast! I was out doing product and business presentations 6 nights a week while working crazy hours on top of this.

I went to every possible Network Marketing event and saw all the people who started at the same time than me having much more success.

I was a previous agricultural engineer, working in marketing and sales in the tire industry as well as a fully trained teacher; then moved to Spain being a scuba diving instructor and running my own successful diving center for more than two decades.

I saw the potential and value of building a Network Marketing business, but was constantly struggling, trying every strategy possible without ever seeing any great results. I couldn’t figure out what my problem was…

…. it finally became clear that I was treating my business like a hobby and a Plan B but I needed to start running my business like it was a 7 Figure Business. I made the decision to become fully committed to building my Network Marketing Business. I’ll be the first to say that success doesn´t come easy. It isnt’t like I wake up the next day and I´m all of a sudden Multiple 6-Figure Earner.

I become realize that I needed 3 critical components in order to move forward in my business:

1) Pick ONE Lead Generation Strategy and Master It
2) Consistent Activity and Persistent Action
3) Build a Relationship with my Leads

The one strategy I connected best with was Online and Social Media Marketing. I found this the best way to generate leads for my business. I had previous experience with online marketing but consumed every course I could find to bring my knowledge to the next level and most importantly took massive action.

Peter Deth

Taking my Business Online

Once it was clear to me what I wanted to do, I started to research on Google ways to build my Network Marketing Business Online using Social Media and especially Facebook and I found some Entrepreneurs that actually teaching different ways to attract customers and reps through the internet … exactly what I wanted to do.

To be honest, learning the internet and social media side of marketing your business is not easy but it’s worth it. I took me about 6 months to really learn the important ingredients and getting the hang of how to make it all work for me.

Having a good mix of Offline, Online and Social Media Marketing has really boosted my results and I believe that it’s our job to embrace the changes in technology combined with Social Media being one of our biggest networking assets!
I can tell you from own experience, that success loves speed; especially in the network marketing industry. It is very possible to create a thriving business in a fairly small amount of time, as long as you are willing to invest in trainings for your business, work hard and be willing to be mentored by those who are already successful.

I can’t predict your success, only you can design your outcome. I can just share with you what´s working for me through the trainings on my blog, my Facebook Fan Page and especially my Facebook Profile and inside of the products I recommend here as well. It’s your responsibility to dive in and implement what you learn here.

I have learned that diving in feet first was the best way for me to find success.

It would be great, if you´d join me on my journey to success. Let´s go part of it together and I´m sure that we can learn on or the other thing from each other.

Peter Deth

If I can do it – you can do it too!

Peter Deth