Why do people quit network marketing?

Why do people quit network marketing? Most people quit because they never realize their real dreams and don’t live their life up to their fullest potential achieving their dream goals. Too many people think that they will be millionaires in a short time by doing very little. But Network Marketing is not a “get quick rich scheme”; it is a serious industry were you need some skills and knowledge like in any other profession.

I am in the Network Marketing profession now for a few years and I have to say that I like this industry more and more every day. You are surrounded by likeminded and success driven people; people with clear goals in live and a very different mindset to most people not being part of this industry.

A lot of network marketers found their purpose in live and know exactly what they want to achieve, at least after being in this industry for a little while. In general they want to help other people to improve something in their life’s – if you are in the health & wellness industry – we also say that we want to improve other people’s health and wealth.

Aiming for time and financial freedom is the same mission for all network marketing companies independent of the products they are selling. Taking care of other people’s health of course depends on what products your network marketing company is offering and is only true for the health & wellness industry.

You need to gain new knowledge and skills

You need to gain new knowledge and skills

Starting a new occupation or job in any industry entails training and gaining new knowledge and skills which takes some time.

If you want to become a car mechanic you normally would do an apprenticeship of about 2 to 3 years before you can call yourself a professional car mechanic and start working as one.

To become a network marketer there is no apprenticeship available and anyone can do this job.

It’s definitely not a difficult job to do but still there are a few new things you need to learn. Things like doing presentations, finding new customers for your products and also business partners for your opportunity, prospecting etc.

To learn all these new things will take time and you have to be patient with yourself and improve slowly but surely by doing the same things over and over again until you master them.

In my opinion you should give yourself at least one full years to find out if network marketing is something for you or not. During this time you should also participate on every possible local, national and international event of your company while connecting with successful people and network marketers who are in this industry for several years.

Why do people quit network marketing?

From my experience, not having a system to use, not having a fast-start or getting started training, not getting integrated into an existing community – which avoids that the newbies to network marketing are getting lost and discouraged quickly – wrong or too high expectations are the main reasons why people quit network marketing.

The expectations the newbie or you as the enroller set at the start will be,

Why do people quit network marketing

in my opinion, one of the most important factors how quickly the new business partner is willing to quit and give up. If the enroller is telling the new network marketer that being successful is easy and that he or she will have quick results and be rich in no time, there is a very good chance that new people quit network marketing only a few weeks or months after they have started. It’s important to avoid this hype and set realistic expectations.

Together with the expectations set at the beginning new network marketers will quickly realize that the time investment at the beginning and the return on these efforts is not going parallel upwards; in other words they need to invest a lot of time to get some results. People who set the wrong expectations might quit for that reason.

Most of today’s successful network marketers and top income earners in network marketing most likely wouldn’t be there where they are today if they had given up right at their beginning.

If everyone did the time-investment to result analysis at the beginning of their network marketing career, a lot of today’s successful people, wouldn’t have made it. Most people in the network marketing industry struggled at first but they kept going until they reached the tipping point in their business – the point where their business started to explode.

Another important reason that makes people quit network marketing is “Social Acceptance”. What will other people say about me being in network marketing? They might think bad of me. When one has these thoughts or beliefs it very often happens that people forget about their real dreams, they put their dream on the shelf and quit network marketing just to please other people and to comply with other people’s belief and mindset.

Get more insights on why do people quit network marketing in today’s short video… where you see and listen to an interview with “Sunny” which I have done during a network marketing event in Oslo/Norway.

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