How to Conquer the Fear of a Phone in Network Marketing & Sales

Are you looking to create a different Lifestyle with your business?
Do you have fear when it comes to prospecting and talking to other people?
If you are in Sales or Network Marketing you have to talk to people. There is no way around it. Be it online or offline, on the phone or in person. If you want to create any success in your business you need to speak to people.

Angst vor dem Telefonieren – wie man sie überwinden kann, um im Network Marketing erfolgreich zu werden

Calling people is a fantastic way to get comfortable with talking to people on the phone, and it could certainly help you overcome phone fear and build confidence and posture; but what can you do if there is just this big black wall of fear in front of you when you only thinking of picking up the phone and call a prospect or potential customer?

How can you stop the spiral of fear?

How to Conquer the Fear of a Phone in Network Marketing & Sales

What is fear?

Fear is an illusion you make up in your mind; it’s not real. It’s not the actual activity of doing something that gives you fear. The activity of making a phone call, standing in front of a group of people and making a speech or approaching a group of strangers and introduce yourself.

The activity itself is not the cause of fear; it is the fear of the fear, which means the anticipation of the activity that make you fear.

Fear is an illusion. You are making it up.

While danger is real – fear is a choice. Fear is not real. It’s the product of thoughts that you create.

How to conquer fear?

We need to understand two things:

  • Fear does not exist. It’s just an imagination and illusion.
  • It’s not even the actual activity you fear – it is the fear of the fear that you fear. This mental illusion is so perverse that you start fearing the fear before you start doing the thing you fear. When you start doing the activity you fear the fear actually goes away. In other words: it’s the illusion of the illusion of fear that gives you fear.

How do you stop the fear spiral?

Your feelings of fear are very real but what your mind makes up is illusionary; but what it does to your nervous system and heart rate is very real. How ca we break this pattern?

The only solution for it is: Step straight into your fears!

Fighting the fear of the phone takes a lot less effort and courage than you think. We don’t need to be brave all day, every day, to be successful. It only takes about 15-20 seconds and this 3 times per day! Of course you can scale it up if you want or need to. In this short time frame we can call that scary prospect or introduce ourselves to a new potential client at a networking event.

If you want to know more about “How to become a good networker” use this link.

In less than 15 seconds you can pick up a phone and dial a number or approach a group of strangers and say: “Hi, I am Peter. Nice to meet you guys. How are you doing ….”
You might ask: What do I do, when I hit this massive wall of fear?
Here´s what you do: Shut off your brain, close your eyes and hold your breath if you need to and do exactly what your brain tells you NOT to do.
Run right at it! Step straight into your fears to conquer your fears.

Think about it in a different way: a normal functioning brain would never allow you to jump out of a plane with a parachute or of a high building or mountain to go base jumping. Especially not if it’s the first time you are doing it; since your brain doesn’t know yet how safe it is. Your brain will not let you jump!

We have to understand that our brains job is “survival”.

Dein Gehirn erlaubt dir nicht, von einem Berg zu springen, um Base-Jumping zu machen

Most people don’t understand this. They think our brain wants happiness, peace, love, joy or adventure. Nope! The only thing our brain has on its job description is “survival”.

The brain controls basic functions to the survival of all animals and the human beings, such as heart rate, breathing, digesting foods, and sleeping. Our brain was developed a long time ago when the human race started to exist. These were different times and people were faced with real dangers all day long.
The “old brain” regulates basic survival functions of life, such as moving, resting, feeding, attention, and motor responses like defending yourself and running away.

There is absolutely no intellectual way you could convince your healthy brain that jumping out of a plane or of a skyscraper is a good idea. You actually need to turn off your brain for a few seconds to throw your body out of the door of the plane or jump of that mountain.

Schalte dein Gehirn aus, um deine Angst zu überwinden

“Shutting off your brain” for a few seconds is what you need to do when you want to break your “ancient fear response system”.

Once you know that it’s not dangerous picking up the phone or introducing you to a potential client – shut your brain off and run right at it. Just shut off your brain and start dialing the number on your phone and say: “Hi, I am Peter. I just want to give you a quick call to let you know…”

Those 15 seconds are enough time to get engaged in the activity and for your brain to realize … it’s not dangerous and you don’t die.

This is the key point here: the activities you are most afraid of are activities that can cause a hugh breakthrough in your success.

Think what you could accomplish if you just forced 15 seconds of bravery of your mind … just 3 times per day.

Think of how doing so would multiply your success and your lifestyle. Think of the breakthroughs you could create in your Network Marketing Business and how different your life could be.

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How you get on with Conquering your Fear of the Phone

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Ryan K Biddulphreply
19/04/2018 at 00:14

Peter that imagination/illusion line is freaking dead on dude! How I live my life. Only love is real; all else is imagined, and completely not true. Good attitude to take when you feel fear arise reaching for the phone.

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